Quinke V2 changes

Recently we changed our motor for the Quinke V2. This new motor has about the same output power, but since it is a 6V motor instead of 12V, it needs lower voltage to have same power.

First the changes are:

Quinke V2 - Motor: Faulhaber 12V, 6V. 7.800 RPM. 8.5W

Quinke V2S - Motor: Faulhaber 6V. 8.200 RPM. 8.5W

The recommendation on the V2 model was 6-8v, now it is 3.5-5v for the V2S model, although the artist should try and use the voltage it fits better for oneself.

If you bought the old V2 model and asks for a motor change, we will not be able to change for the old motor and will instal the new motor instead.


Thank you for your cooperation and support.

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