WAND Stainless Steel Grip 1.25"
Eru Higa

WAND Stainless Steel Grip 1.25"

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This is a 1.25" limited edition stainless steel grip for BISHOP's Power WAND series of pen rotary machines. Compatible with all models (shaders, packers, and liners).
It is heavier and stiffer than aluminum grips, and is recommended for those who want a zesty weight feel.
New ergonomic shape fits naturally and comfortably in the hand. The round grooves support fingers and the design reduces hand fatigue.
Needle depth is adjustable from 0 to 5 mm; 360° rotation allows 1.5 mm protrusion. Compatible with all cartridge needles.

Size: 31mm (1.25") in diameter

BISHOP is a supplier in Southern California, USA, founded by Franco Vescovi, a tattoo artist and machine engineer. BISHOP develops and manufactures products ideal for professional artists.

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