Quinke V1 Steel Cam Set
Quinke V1 Steel Cam Set
Quinke V1 Steel Cam Set
Quinke V1 Steel Cam Set
Quinke V1 Steel Cam Set
Eru Higa

Quinke V1 Steel Cam Set

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The original rotary machine QUINKE V1 is manufactured by Eru Higa.
The V1 has a lightweight, compact frame and is equipped with a high-performance, world-renowned maxon motor. It is driven by a powerful and stable direct drive.
Basically, it is ideal for black and grays and delicate blurring. If you prefer a fast machine, it can also be used for Japanese style or American traditional.
The steel frame is slightly heavier than the aluminum frame and is available in black or chrome (silver).

This is a great cam set that includes a standard 3.6 mm medium stroke cam and two removable rings of different weights.
Changing the weight of the cam changes the needle pressure by centrifugal force. Adjust the settings to your preference for line, shading, color packing, etc. for all-round use.
Attaching and detaching the ring is as easy as tightening two screws with a 1.27 mm hex driver. See the video for details.

Quinke features the ability to customize to your preference.
Autoclavable tubes, tips, and grips as well as disposable tubes are securely fastened. Among them, we recommend installing grips and needle bars specially designed for cartridge needles, as they work very well with cartridge needles. Other optional parts can be installed to change from clip cords to RCA cables.
This is a highly versatile unit that can be used not only for one purpose, but can be widely used and applied to various applications depending on the customization, making it a unit that can be used for a long time.

[Cam Weight
3.6mm CAM body only: 7.2g
Recommended for delicate designs with a small number of needles

CAM body + yellow (aluminum) ring: 9.3g
Ideal for line, shading, and color packing

CAM body + silver (stainless steel) ring: 13 g
Ideal for line, dot work, and color packing

Frame: Steel
Standard stroke: 3.6mm
Weight: 184g
Voltage: 6~9v
Motor: Maxon Motor 12V.
Rotation per minute: 10,000rpm (6w)

◎Wizard Tattoo Supply's original rotary machine "Quinke" is made in Japan, hand-finished by craftsmen for safety and reliability! To ensure that our products are used carefully and for a long time, we provide prompt repair, inspection, and replacement of consumable parts, and we offer full after-sales service.

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