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The long-awaited "ACUS M1" from ACUS tattoo machines has landed in Japan! It is a pen-type wireless machine that is simple but feels the arrival of a new era in details.

A full set with everything you need in a practical travel case. You can finish your favorite settings with your own hands without purchasing multiple machines or worrying about strokes before purchasing.
And if you're not sure what kind of machine you need, the M1 is the perfect all-rounder. You can change the stroke, needle depth, voltage (frequency), motor type, etc. all in one machine, so you can learn about the machine settings while practicing on the artificial skin.

There are three other reasons why the M1 is said to be the only machine.

The world's first fully digitalized motor for a tattoo machine
In order to control the FAULHABER brushless motor installed in the machine, we developed our own electronic circuit and software. With a special control algorithm, the motor can be tuned in 6 levels to suit your needs, like a small and delicate brushed DC motor or a large and powerful brushless motor.
hygienic concept
The machine can be easily disassembled based on the concept of thorough hygiene management. The inside is disinfected by wiping, and the anodized aluminum body is autoclaved for sterilization. These are often underestimated, but they are very important for professional use. This solves the problem of ink flowing into the pen type machine.
replaceable drive head
The set comes with 3 drive heads of 3.0mm, 3.7mm and 4.5mm for easy stroke change. Each one is specially designed, so it vibrates very little and is quiet.
・3.0mm: Delicate layers can be layered without overworking the skin
・3.7mm: Easy to line, pack and shade
・4.5mm: Ideal for traditional and Japanese styles
* Cartridge needles suitable for 4.5mm stroke are DA VINCI, CHEYENNE, WJX ULTRA, KWADRON, etc.
The grip is made of solid aluminum that is CNC machined and anodized. As for the grips, the idea is that disposables are not necessary at present as they generate a lot of plastic waste. Compatible with standard cartridge needles, but only the 4.5mm stroke pushes it to its limit, so some cartridge needle designs may not be suitable. Needle depth can be adjusted from 0 to 4.35mm.

A lithium-ion battery will power the machine for about 5 hours on normal settings. Up to 11 hours when working with fewer needles and lower voltages. A full charge is completed in 3 hours, and one spare battery is also included.
The weight of the machine is 181g. It is not too light, not too heavy, and has an ideal weight that does not make you feel tired. In addition to an ergonomic design that fits snugly in the hand, the center of gravity is placed as far forward as possible. It should feel lighter than the image due to the exquisite balance.
Just press the switch to turn the machine on/off. Press and hold the switch to change the voltage or motor mode. Numerical values are displayed on the organic EL display, and you can see all the information at a glance.

Length: 128mm
Weight: 181g (including battery)
Grip: 33mm diameter
Frequency: 36-140Hz
Needle adjustment: 0-4.35mm

Dedicated travel case
Housing tool for disassembly
Spare O-rings: several
Tool (key wrench)
3 drive heads: 3.0mm/3.7mm/4.5mm
2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (size: 18500/capacity: 2000mAh/3.7v)
Battery Charger
Charging cable (5V/2A or higher USB/AC adapter suitable for Japanese outlets required)
operating instructions

◎ The founder of ACUS tattoo machines has worked for many years as an expert machine engineer at a professional tattoo machine manufacturer in Berlin, and has a great reputation for having his own brand with completely convincing machines. A duo of Olli and Helge who became independent for their dreams. We put all our experience and passion into development, production, assembly, and sales, and lead tattoo machines to a new era with cutting-edge technology solutions.

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