M1 Grip
M1 Grip
Eru Higa

M1 Grip

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A grip for ACUS tattoo machines pen type wireless machine "M1".
The grip is made of CNC machined and anodized aluminum. It can be autoclaved and sterilized repeatedly. At Aksu Tattoo Machines, disposable grips create a lot of plastic waste, so we use materials that are resistant to autoclaving. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare some additional grips.
Regarding the reason for avoiding disposable grips, it seems that there is also a design reason that the center of gravity of the machine will shift due to the difference in mass between aluminum grips and disposable grips.
Cartridge needles are compatible with major manufacturers such as WJX ULTRA, DA VINCI, Cheyenne and KWADRON. However, when using a 4.5mm drive head, the stroke pushes it to the limit, so it may not be suitable for some manufacturers.
*WJX ULTRA, DA VINCI, CHEYENNE, KWADRON, etc. are suitable cartridge needles for drive head strokes of 4.5mm.

Diameter: 33mm
Color: Black

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